Reviews for Abi Ruchi Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

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Here are some reviews for Abi Ruchi
Abi Ruchi

Now we are the regular customers

We first discovered the Abi Ruchi as a restaurant and we liked it. Now we are the regular customers for delivery, always good quality and reliable delivery.

Max Ilyashenko - Sunday 5 Nov 17 18.57pm

Love & care

The food been served with love & care always. Thank you!

Joe Michael - Wednesday 25 Oct 17 17.18pm

Lovely food

Lovely food and nice people make this a special restaurant.

Barry McCullough - Wednesday 6 Sep 17 21.24pm

We love it!

Abi Ruchi offers authentic South Indian cuisine, not to be confused with Bangladesh Indian and reflects the food I loved while traveling in Kerala. We love it!

Paul Mann - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 18.29pm

always reliable

Very solid food and always reliable

Brian - Sunday 2 Apr 17 18.58pm

wonderful meal

Just had a wonderful meal for 6, perfect service and great value. The range of starters in the set menu for 2 was good and every dish was distinctly spiced and authentically flavoured.

Pam - Thursday 13 Oct 16 21.27pm

I thoroughly recommend it!

We used Abi Ruchi's catering service for my wife's birthday party. The food was delicious, the service was excellent, and the price was great. I thoroughly recommend it!

Sean - Sunday 11 May 14 20.43pm

Crucial for our wedding day

Mujeeb and his team did an amazing job catering for our wedding at Stoke Newington Town Hall. Every dish was utterly delicious and all 300 guests agreed. The staff were very friendly and the buffet service efficient and well-organised. We would not hesitate in recommending them for catering large events. Abi Ruchi were crucial in making our wedding day go so well - thank you!

Shalini and Sam - Sunday 20 Oct 13 10.33am

wonderful food

I always look forward to a visit to Abi Ruchi: the wonderful food and delightful staff are a joy. Today's Onam Sadya (feast) was really excellent, a great collection of dishes and tastes served on banana leaves and eaten with the fingers. Thank you as always Abi Ruchi - Happy Onam and see you very soon!

Jessica Lauren - Sunday 15 Sep 13 21.22pm

Stokey's best kept secret.

Amazing special set menu. at least as good as the fantastic regular selection. The joy of unlearning that you can eat with your hands at what is easily the best Indian restaurant in London. Stokey's best kept secret.

Helen - Sunday 15 Sep 13 18.27pm

Best Indian restaurant in the area

Fantastic food and great value. Best Indian restaurant in the area. They have a very good selection of veggie and vegan dishes. Service is excellent as well.

Richard Mills - Tuesday 6 Aug 13 20.24pm

Won't be disappointed

Food was delicious!!!! Totally Enjoyed.....You won't be disappointed.....Great service too.....Enjoy...

Mathew - Monday 22 Apr 13 09.33am


We have been coming here for a number of years; have tried many other Indian restaurants in the area...but this one beats them all... The food is like home cooking and the service ........simply SPECTACULAR. Come and try will not be disappointed.

Lina - Saturday 1 Dec 12 21.06pm

Highly Recommended

Food is really delicious. The service friendly and welcoming. Food is wonderful for quality and variety.A good selection of veggie options. Nice atmosphere. Excellent value for money. Highly Recommended

ghila - Saturday 17 Nov 12 21.10pm

Food is really delicious

Food is really delicious especially the vegetarian stir fried dishes and delivery service excellent.

John Straiton - Saturday 4 Aug 12 20.28pm


Fab food!

Ilana Cravitz - Thursday 2 Aug 12 19.38pm

won't be disappointed!

We love this place and come back time and time again for delicious, amazing Kerelan food. So different from the average Indian curry - very fragrant and expertly spiced. Super value too, and excellent friendly customer service. Try this place, you won't be disappointed!

Ems and David - Tuesday 5 Jun 12 21.03pm

What tasty kerala food

What tasty kerala food Excellent and Wonderful best Indian Restaurant Highly Recommended'''

petar - Thursday 30 Jun 11 20.04pm

It was great.

by far the best takeaway I have ever experienced.

jon - Friday 17 Jun 11 22.18pm

I can't wait for my next visit.

Going into Abi Ruchi is like going into a friend's home. You're sure of an exceptionally warm welcome. The food is awesome - fresh, authentic Kerala cuisine, always delicious, always impeccably prepared. Love the mango lassi. I can't wait for my next visit.

Saip - Thursday 16 Jun 11 12.18pm

Excellent and Wonderful

The food we ordered yesterday was excellent and wonderful. What a taste!!

Chris - Saturday 28 May 11 15.02pm

Best Indian Restaurant

This is the best Indian restaurant in our neighbourhood, better than more famous South Indian competitors. The food has been uniformly excellent over years, the service friendly and welcoming.

Stuart Jones - Saturday 9 Apr 11 18.16pm


The last order got mixed up via a phone order. We had one missing rice. We coped, no drama...Still delicious ! X

Colette Tattoli - Friday 18 Mar 11 17.55pm

Amazing Food

The last order was the most amazing food!! The delivery driver got very lost though, the poor fella! The SatNav took him the wrong side of the road. Thankfully the food was still a good temperature and worth the wait. Thankyou..

Colette Tattoli - Saturday 5 Mar 11 20.20pm

Fresh, Tasty, Friendly

I travel back to Stoke Newington from southwest London just for this restaurant! Even with great south Indian cuisine on my doorstep (Tooting)... It is fresh, tasty, friendly and excellent value. A great mix of south Indian classics; peppery lamb fry, warming crab curry, light dosas and the best chicken vada. An absolute favourite!

Pia - Sunday 13 Feb 11 14.10pm

Cuts No Corners

Abi Ruchi cuts no corners when it comes to bringing subtle Keralan cuisine to the capital. All the details are handled properly: from the popadoms (accompanied by small bowls of artfully spiced dips) to the breads (spongy, slightly sweet nadan dosa) and vegetable sides (gorgeously garlicky spinach fried with onions).

We enjoyed a starter of steamed squid stuffed with pur

Time Out Editors - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.57pm

High Standard

Abi Ruchi has been in Stoke Newington church street for 10 years, yet I had never tried it before. On first impressions, the restaurant looked modern and comfortable and tidy to a high standard.

The toilet was very tidy and nice. The menu is very varied, and offers a huge range of Southern Indian dishes and biriyanies. Although we go to a lot of Indian restaurants, being fairly new to this Southern cuisine, we chose from seafood dishes, as this is what we know Southern Indian cuisine are renowned for.

Great food! Martin N16

Martin - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.57pm

Food is Wonderful

New indian restaurants spring up everywhere, but Ruchi is still the best by far. we can't recommend it highly enough. Miles better than rasa!

Food is wonderful for quality and variety (esp fish & vegetarian). Smoked tamarind kingfish curry and creamy aubergine cashew curry among highlights.

We've had romantic meals, family meals with our rowdy toddler, and big party meals for 20+ friends there, and the staff are unflappably cheerful and helpful.

We've introduced lots of people to it - all of whom have become faithful customers. Every time the bill comes we're surprised how low it is.

Anonymous - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.57pm

A Great Restaurant

A good selection of veggie options but lots of meat for the carnivores too. A bit different from the usual Indian menu and really yummy! Friendly, efficient service and nice atmosphere too. Loved it!

Anonymous - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.57pm

Tasty Exotic Food

Abi Ruchi is one of ma favorite resturants!

I've been there 3 times now and have enjoyed the tasty exotic food and warm service provided by the staff. Quiet and peaceful the mellow music in the back ground is relaxing and allows you to enjoy the atosmphere.

Price range is very reasonable with main course meals starting from

Anonymous - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.56pm

Lovely Indian Restaurant

Abiruchi is a lovely Indian restaurant serving signature dishes from Kerala in South India. The taste of South India is quite different from what most people associate with Indian food. the dishes have

The menu is great and there is a really good choice of fish and seafood dishes, not often found in indian restaurants. The wine list is reasonable both in choice and price and they have kingfisher on draught. The staff were really friendly, helpful and attentive. They were happy to explain some of the more strange dishes.

The food is similar to that of Rasa very close by and my choice was equally tasty. I think this place is often overlooked as Rasa keeps getting good reviews in different London guides, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Bodilklarskov - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.56pm

I love this place

Its very close to both Rasa's that are by far the most famous Kerala restaurants in London but this place for me is just as good on food and cheaper.

If you are looking for a good value meat/fish/vege restaurant then look no further than here. They also do take away.

Shivering Goat - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.56pm

Absoulutely fantastic!!!

I go there all the time, wonderfull simple cooking! P.S. Have the Ruchi Sangaman

Gabriel Harding - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.56pm

Highly Recommended

Abi Ruchi is one of my favourite Indians in London. The food is very similar to nearby Rasa (South Indian) and there is a great choice of veg and meat food here.

The service is always excellent they are really friendly people. Paneer & Peas on the Special menu is outstanding as is the Lassi.

Shivering Goat - Sunday 1 Aug 10 22.56pm